24 Channel Module

RT 24 Channel Module

The Rapid Test 24 Channel Module allows for the connection for up to 24 RCD’s to one Rapid Test Master Unit.

NOTE: A maximum of 10 Channel Modules can be connected to a single Master Module within a switchboard allowing testing of 240 RCD’s using one Rapid Test Master Module.

The Rapid Test 24 Channel module is supplied with: 1 x 500mm Communications Fly Lead, 1 x RJ12 Dust Cover and 1 Pack of RCD Barcode Labels (24 Labels)

Additional Rapid Test communications fly leads in various lengths are available for purchase separately.

Also available with the following product codes – NRTRB24, RTRB24, NRTRB24F, RTRB24F

To confirm the correct module for your installation, please contact Rapid Test.

Price ex GST.