User Guides

  • Windows
  • [2.42MB]

User Guide for the Windows Rapid Test Application

  • Android
  • [2.20MB]

User Guide for the Android Rapid Test Application

  • IOS
  • [2.52MB]

User Guide for the iOS Rapid Test Application

Quick Start

  • [442.62kB]

Quick start guide for the use of the Rapid Test Systems product and reporting portal


  • [273.63kB]

Detailed installation guide for the Rapid Test product suite


  • [2.28MB]

Detailed guides for Verification of Rapid Test Master units

  • [139.39kB]

Verification process for Rapid Test Master units

Rapid Test Data Portal

  • [1.34MB]

User Guide for the Rapid Test data portal

White Paper

  • [554.37kB]

Guide to RCD Testing and use of Rapid Test

Dimension Drawings

  • [15.30kB]

Rapid Test WiFi Master Module Dimensions

  • [18.77kB]

Rapid Test WiFi Master & 8 Channel Module Dimensions

  • [20.46kB]

Rapid Test 24 Channel Module Dimensions

  • [94.99kB]

Stacker Bracket Dimensions

Wiring Drawings

  • [76.77kB]

MOV Wiring Drawing – Standard WiFi Master

  • [98.46kB]

MOV Wiring Drawing – WiFi Master & 8 Channel Board

  • [66.00kB]

Verification Test Socket Wiring Drawing

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