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Silver Subscription
Silver Subscription
Silver Subscription

Silver Subscription

Rapid Test Silver subscription is the minimum requirement for your asset and RCD management.
The Silver subscription will give you access to the Asset Information Portal, ten asset credits (Distribution boards) with an annual cost of $100.00 ex GST, you also have the ability to purchase extra asset credits for a $5.00 each ex GST.
The Silver level of subscription provides the following features and services:

  • Access the Asset Information Portal
  • Record all asset and test data
  • Carry out the required testing of RCD’s to the relevant standards
  • Produce a PDF certificate of compliance which can be emailed to the end user/customer who has authorised the testing
  • The ability to set up sites with asset credits (Boards) connect to the site
  • Electrician / Technician not required
  • Safely test both lighting and power RCD's
  • Quickly test both lighting and power RCD's
  • Automated test data collection
  • Automated compliance reporting
  • Massive cost saving

Rapid Test respects your privacy at all times and all information shall remain confidential and will not be divulged to any other party. Please read the Privacy Policy for more information.