Rapid Test Key Benefits

Testing RCD’s with Rapid Test is up to 180 times faster than you might be having them tested currently!


Electrician / Technician not required

Once Rapid Test is installed in your switchboard by a licensed electrician, anyone in your organisation can safely test your RCD's using the Rapid Test System saving considerable contractor costs.


Safely test RCD's

By using the Rapid Test System, an electrician is not required to work on a live switchboard to test RCD's. Live works are inherently dangerous and are prohibited in some States in Australia.


Quickly test RCD's

A technician testing RCD's by simulating a fault at a power point is a slow and cumbersome process that causes considerable downtime. Rapid Test will test your RCD's up to 180 times faster than a technician.


Automated test data collection

Documentation of your RCD testing regime is vital. Standard hand written reports are slow to prepare and can be illegible. The Rapid Test system collects all test data during the testing process and uploads to the cloud automatically.


Automated compliance reporting

We know you don't want to manage your compliance reports; so we do it for you in our secure reporting portal. All compliance reports are available online from any internet enabled computer 24/7.


Massive cost saving

Traditionally, labour costs made up the majority of your RCD testing annual spend. The Rapid Test system can be operated safely and quickly by your internal staff to reduce contractor labour costs.

Ainslie Allen
Managing Director
Rapid Test Systems

Currently RCD testing is either slow or dangerous. Rapid Test is both fast and safe providing a solution to this age old problem!


Compliance made easy with our RCD Tester!

Rapid Test is a RCD (Safety Switch) testing device that is installed in your switchboard.  Installation of the Rapid Test System replaces the need for a technician to test a RCD via a power point, or an electrician to test a RCD directly at a live switchboard.

Your installed Rapid Test System communicates wirelessly to a tablet application so that all RCD testing results are retained.  Testing data can be uploaded to the cloud, and compliance reports generated electronically.

Key Benefits

The Rapid Test Portal gives you the ability to manage all aspects of your compliance reporting, with a variety of subscription levels to the Rapid Test Portal to suit your individual needs.

The ability to quickly and easily generate testing reports and compliance certificates will provide you and your staff with piece of mind that you are satisfying your workplace safety obligations.


Switchboard Schedule Import

All clients can download a switchboard schedule template and import all RCD details quickly and easily to the Rapid Test data portal


Multiple Technician Logins Available

With multiple technician logins available (package dependent) you can easily track who completed the RCD testing along with the date and time the tests were completed


Electrical Contractors

Packages designed specifically for you and your clients to access and manage reporting requirements for multiple businesses across multiple sites


Packages Designed for Businesses Large and Micro

Have one switchboard in one business? Our bronze package is for you. Have Rapid Test in all your sites and switchboards across your network? You need our Platinum package to get the full benefit of the Rapid Test system.


Downloadable Reports

Downloadable testing reports and compliance certificates to demonstrate your commitment to workplace safety


Editable Business Information

As your business changes, so can your Rapid Test Data Reporting Portal. Key business information can be edited depending on your subscription package.


Test History

Detailed test results confirming the validity of your RCD testing along with “trip times” and exact detail and results for each test completed. A complete test history is retained and able to be viewed for each individual RCD test over time


Reporting Filters

A multitude of report filters allow you to view your results by site, board, RCD number, pass, fail, last test date and next test date

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