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How do I test my RCD's using Rapid Test?
How do I test my RCD's using Rapid Test?
How do I test my RCD's using Rapid Test?

How do I test my RCD's using Rapid Test?

Rapid Test’s 10 step process makes testing your RCD’s so simple – anyone with a tablet and the Rapid Test app can do it!

  1. Download the Rapid Test app from your relevant application store (Google Play, iOS App Store, Microsoft Store)
  2. Power up the Rapid Test system on the switchboard with the RCD’s you wish to test
  3. Open the Rapid test application on your tablet so it connects to the RT master module via WIFI
  4. Login to the Rapid Test application using your own secure credentials
  5. Select the relevant Business / Site / Switchboard you wish to test in the application
  6. Using the application, test all connected RCD’s with one quick easy selection button
  7. The application communicates over WIFI to the installed Rapid Test units. These units conduct the tests and will confirm the pass or fail status of each RCD test
  8. Upload all captured test data to the Rapid Test data portal for complete records of test history
  9. Power down the Rapid Test Master on the switchboard
  10. Move to the next switchboard with Rapid Test connected RCD’s and repeat steps 2-9

Total time to test all RCD’s on your Rapid Test connected switchboard will depend on how many RCD’s are connected on each switchboard. Each RCD takes approximately 5 seconds to test, perform data capture and upload.

Key Rapid Test Benefits

  • Electrician / Technician not required
  • Safely test both lighting and power RCD's
  • Quickly test both lighting and power RCD's
  • Automated test data collection
  • Automated compliance reporting
  • Massive cost saving