There are currently 3 methods for testing Fixed RCD’s installed in workplace switchboards.

  • Electrician at a live switchboard
  • Technician at a power point
  • Rapid Test installed in a switchboard

If your electrician currently conducts your RCD testing at the switchboard, apart from being extremely dangerous you now have to consider the additional risk to your personnel due COVID-19. Having 2 people working at the switchboard(one testing and one as a spotter) may not meet COVID-19 distancing requirements.

Once Rapid Test is installed in a switchboard, using the tablet application any member of your team can test both the power and lighting RCD’s. There is no need for an external RCD tester, no need to identify circuits, and no need to access a live switchboard. There is no requirements for more than one staff member, hence no need to develop social distancing protocols for this important safety testing. This is the fastest and safest method.