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Position of Person: Supervisor Fixed Plant Maintenance

Extracts from an email regarding Rapid Test ROI on a mining site in Western Australia

Return on Investment  - Mining Site

“We are a very large site we have many DB’s spread around if we were talking about main areas I would say we would have 20 main area DB’s with anywhere from 50 to 90 RCD’s.

In other areas we probably would have anywhere from 40-60 DB’s with anywhere up to 40 RCD’s. If I was to average it out I would say 80-100 DB’s with 15 RCD’s in each.

RCD testing takes us 2 guys 4-6 weeks based on a 11 hour day 7 day week. We conduct our testing from the DB injection testing directly into the RCD.


The reason we are looking at ways to change our current testing process all revolves around arc flash and the safety of our people. If I was to base the business proposal around anything I would base it around safety, but with the cost advantages snuck in there as well. I can see the benefits of your system and am very keen to push this through as an initiative plan for our department here at the plant.


Our system charges our guys at $XXX.XX P/H. Based on a let’s say a 6 week test period for 2 of our people. Our testing costs would be around the $XXX,XXX.XX per annum.

Straight away with your system we could cut that in half by dropping the safety observer, Then if we take into consideration the testing would take half the time it does as is we would be looking at a 80% cost reduction per year.

“The safety aspect alone is reason in itself

Key Rapid Test Benefits

  • Electrician / Technician not required
  • Safely test both lighting and power RCD's
  • Quickly test both lighting and power RCD's
  • Automated test data collection
  • Automated compliance reporting
  • Massive cost saving